Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello Spring Break

Yay for posts! The posted image was part of my digital design mid term. It's a combination of sketching on paper and then Photoshop. It could be refined more, I know, but as I am now on vacation...I have gone from Le tired to lazy. At any rate, it's Halloween themed, if you couldn't tell!

I leave you with this visually interesting video. Regardless of whether you enjoy the music or not, the art direction is interesting to look at. Her character costumes are very art deco 'Erte'-esque which I think is great, not just because I love art deco, but also because you can see how those types of designs can be applied to live action costumes. The makeup and coloring I think is also done very well, if you've ever tried to put makeup on you can appreciate the intensity and precision Perry's makeup artist used to create these looks. Also, the "deer" look at the end is done in such a way that it's no only pretty but also a great transition between human and animal. (Not including the sad looking cg legs).

Katy Perry's E.T. music video featuring Kanye West (who includes a rather useless rap, just sayin').

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