Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just some off the top of my head thoughts real quick...

I do plan on posting some stuff from my sketch book later this week, and I still have to do Lena's newest challenge, which honestly I have mixed feelings on, but I feel that once I start Ill fall into it and go nuts with it.

But heres 2 things that I was thinking about.


"After reading through some of the entries, even with all the raging flames and retardation that is summed up in ED, there are a few points in it to be had.

So point being said, I need to start hunkering down even more then what I do now."

I just copy/pasted the post on my dev art acc. Im lazy like that, but the point is still there. Dev art does have good artists. Great artists who are professional and do good work. However that being said, the shit outways the gold. Theres to many whiny retards, people who proface themselves as artists and do nothin but cute fan art (while technical and skilled, its not conceptually new or innovating), and so on so forth. And what hit me is that I dont want to be associated with that. I want to be the true blue real deal. Not just a guy who says hes into art and does all this random stuff for page views. So yeah, I really do need to hunker down a bit.


On a more positive upswing, I went ahead and look at stuff from previous years, not only my own things, but things of my friends. And heres what I found out.

Things that I admired and thought were awesome and above me then, dont measure up as they do now. I look at them and notice all these glaring flaws I didnt see before: Tangents, unusual angles, stuff running into other stuff, etc etc. While what was done is still decent in quality, I look back at things and think yknow, it really wasnt as awesome as I remember. And this tells me one thing. That I have grown as an artist. That Ive gotten better, and can now see the bigger picture more clearly. And hopefully, my artwork also mirrors what Ive come to see and understand. Its not good enough yet, but its good.

I like to hazard, that among ALL teh self proclaimed artists that exist currently, that atleast Im top 25% of em. Thats not bad, but then again, I place professionals at the top level. That .001% of all artists are professional, and the rest of us 99.999% are just a bunch o retards monkeying around.

Still for the moment, being 75% above the rest isnt that bad. But I can do better, and can climb higher. And will.

on a last minor note, I need to investigage ConceptArt.org. I might be mistaken, but professionals might prowl there and give advice if stuff gets posted.

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