Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mega Post!

Aiite Mega upload for you folks and folkies tonight. We start with some nudey pics of some monster girls I did for fun. Theyre not explicit, but since this blog is public, some sort of censoring had to go into it. My dev art will probably display them as is (as they are drawn, not censored), but I will upload them later. And of course, it goes without saying for any of you retards out there, All lady folk are drawn as consensual age (aka theyre all 18+).

As for the pirate ship, I did it for a friend. The two pictures are for her to take to school and show the prof adn be like "DO YOU LIKE DIS!?" So yeah, One is just the boat, which is the crux of hte assignment, and the other is with her chars in it. Ill go into more detail on this stuff later I suppose. :) Enjoy~

EDIT: Both the Monster Girl pictures are loaded onto my deviantart. You can see the full versions there if you really are curious.



  1. looks good homeslice. i'mma show will tomorrow in class! err...today as it is way late/early.

  2. Aye, it took longer then I think it shouldve but its not half baked. The characters look nice, but are a little stiff. I might monkey around with em later, sleep soon. :3