Sunday, July 17, 2011


As requested of the art challenge. The progression and final. The total workload on this is around 34 hours. This is the first time Ive done an art piece that is painted. There are no lines in that. My standard work process is to have line work and color within the line like a coloring book. This is the first time Ive actually painted in photoshop. It was quite the endeavor.

I probably over complicated this piece by breaking up the layering to much between high lights and shadows, and the next piece I do will have probalby half that much. Ill see if I can manage to get good contrast and definition of shapes with less color layers. Im aiming for 4, as this mermaid had 10 different color zones between its darkest darks and lightest lights.

I am very satisfied with how this came out though for what I was aiming to do. While no where near perfect, and it took me freakishly longer then anticipated (My first aim was to do this in 6 hours), it still isnt a bad piece. This is probably gonna be my most advanced piece of work for a while. Im glad I took this challange and while it took a while to do it, Ive learned a few, namely I can now render spheres... Fuck spheres.

Anyways, I hope people like whats here.

Edit: It seems that my dev art account has better quality of the image by a little bit.

you can look there too if youd like.

More of my older shittier stuff is there. LoL


  1. I may need to figure out a new formating. The JPG format is butchering hte quality of whats posted. Its all pixalated as hell and that bothers me.

  2. Good job brah' looks tres nice.