Thursday, July 28, 2011

Manga, how Ive forgotten thee.

I feel like a I can do about anything, as Im chucked full of enthusiasm with this breath of fresh air Ive received. Its been a while since Ive felt this way after reading or watching something. I get inspirations from other media (music, movies, cartoons) often enough, but its rare when get it with this much vigor.

Ive always liked manga. I idolize it for various reasons. But Ive been more disinterested in it in a great while now, due to the top 3 losing their steam and burning me out. Dont mistake me, I still love one piece, as its my favorite of the 3, followed by Naruto, and not so much Bleach. All that being said, it wasnt till I restarted reading Negima that I really got that up and go attitude again. It is, if anything, one of my favorite reads and a template for my own works to draw inspiration from. The artist, Akamatsu Ken (yes Im aware of how names are Last/First), does a great job with the art, the characters are fun enough, the story is good, and the concepts are intriguing. When it comes to my 'Ark' story, it is one of the few that Im drawing inspiration from.

But all that aside, the art is what gets me. Ive long forgotten how good it was, how visually appealing, how cool it looked, how dynamic it gets and so forth. Im not sure if he has some kind of special cheat sheet for how get gets dynamic action sequences, fighting styles, and so forth, but damn, its good.

He also differentiates himself a bit that his characters actually seem to have presence and weight, more so then most mangaka do. While I know there are stylistic choices others do (Clamp for example tends to have thin characters), Akamatsu's stuff is pretty wonderful, though I hazard a guess that by his stuff he has a better understanding of female anatomy then his male anatomy, though I guess this is because he does like giving fan-service.

But yeah, TL;DR his stuff is excellent, and rereading it from the start to now gives me a kind of new strength and interest that I had kinda forgotten. I sometimes wonder if I should study from his stuff to learn some of the action poses and so forth. Ah well. Anyways just some thoughts and so forth.

Things I have to work on in the upcoming weeks still.
-Realistic rendition of one of my Characters. (Lene's idea)
-Orc Picture, painted in a similar fashion to the Mermaid
-Finish cleaning up pictures from the school year and post em here
-Compile the storytelling pictures into a flash file and post it.(this one is gonna be hard to do)
-If anyone knows how to use flash to a great extent, please contact me. Im not sure
where to begin on this one.

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