Thursday, August 11, 2011

Super Upload Day: Designs

Mega upload today. Alot of sketch book junk to look at. First thing first. Youll notice that on alot of my sketches theres a crappy dating or Sig written in what looks like MS Paint. Well thing was my tablet is in my trunk atm, and I didnt want to go dig it out, so I kinda winged it with my mouse. Unprofessional, I know, but its aiite for these.

As to content, the majority is designs on Wrenn in her adult form. Basic costume load out, body setup and how the armor comes together, and some facial sketches (though none of those are complete ones. Therye all a miss in my book, though the bottom right one is not bad). Then I went ahead and tried something completely new to me: Emotions. I went online and looked up that sheet that has the 25 character essential emotions on it (done all over Dev Art if you look for it), printed out a few examples and cross referenced each example to see if I could find similarities within them to reveal the concepts behind each emotion. Some of em are not bad, some of em are not great. Overall it was a good experiance and one I plan on repeating in the future to make faces more active and alive, instead of one passive look as well as to become better aquainted with emotions. Faces are hard stuff. Theres actually a strange progression in the faces too. It seems my character face actually got more solid as I drew down the page, though keep in in mind I did not do all this in one sitting.

Following that, I did a character armor progression for Meia, trying and incorporating various things. It wasnt half bad (though the armor design for meia was actually done before the wrenn ones, it only got posted today though). And lastly, a rough airship design I should flesh out much more. It seems kinda interesting and unique though I need to go online and look up references. I see alot of air ship designs doing the blimp thing, which is cool (and I like it) but at the same time, its done alot, and I wanted to see if I could muster something a bit different and more original.

Anyways, all things said, theres my sketch notes. I sometimes wonder though if I should be posting these things, simply because I dont want my ideas to end up on someone elses project. Im not exceptionally worried, since I own the sketches themselves, and I could probably easily prove the date of my work versus someone else, but still, itd be a pain. Then again, whod want to copy the shit I draw, ja?

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