Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Big Shot

Ok, as requested by my cohort, a legitimate update. As you all well know from my previous posts, I do tend to have some concepts in with my work. I didnt like the censorship bar, as funny as it was last time. So Ive done some mild editing to my stuff. IT SHOULD BE OK, but just a forwarning. Its in there. Oh well, have a bit o stomach I guess. Should be ok, as theres nothing in here that is "Adult Content" by normal standards.
Its strange, but I feel like that since starting the blog, Ive actually improved art wise. Not much, but its there. Also, Ill make the note here that when I post, its both my success and failure. Meaning if the sketch from my sketch book is complete enough, Ill post it, whether it was a working sketch or a botched up mess, as youll see in a bit here.

Well there you all have it anyways. I tend to draw lady folk more. Hmm...BUT I DO DRAW GUY FOLK. Not as often. As you can see, the character that I draw most is Meia. She is probably my favorite to draw, and ends up being the experimental character I use to try drawing new angles and things. She is also the easiest one to draw, as I can draw her more consistantly then any of my other characters. Anyways, there we go. Enjoy~

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