Thursday, November 3, 2011

My wallet can't keep supporting my retail therapy

Oh yea, a shirt design I have for thee. Well an unfinished picture that I will go back and finish in the near future (is a shirt shirt design though). Like when I have time and am not derping out over life.

Speaking of life, I recently stumbled upon an astrology website whose forecast for the month of November seemed much more positive than I had foreseen. Granted, neither the astrologer nor I (in the grand scheme of PREDICTING THE CLUSTERFUCK THAT IS LIFE) can actually predict anything other than one's mindset BUT it is nice to think that perchance the astrologer is correct...So my musing really comes down to how accurate and how much should one invest into astrology? When reading a forecast or being told one, naturally we can apply whatever the hell is happening in life to the blanket statements of good and bad told us but does that mean it isn't true?! Or is it all ~in the mind~ like a placebo pill? Though I suppose that question opens up the gaping OMFG that is the debate on whether there be a higher power. To which I say...I don't know. So, my conclusion is that I really really want this horoscope business to be true because that means there is some sort of justice system in the universe and perhaps I might get what I've wanted for a long while now. Skepticism...shut your face and get back into the box I keep tossing you!

Yes, those are bug wing flowers. Yes, I collect  body parts from dead things. No, it is not creepy. It's SCIENCE. Or, well, observation/curiosity. 

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