Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dear Jet lag: oi.

The blog layout blows. I'll be fixing it soon. Very soon. Now however, I am jet lagged and lazy and trying to soak up as much free time as I can before the crazy that is life starts again on Monday. Once I actually clean my studio and find crap I will post things that don't blow chunks and we will be merry. Until then...enjoy the following two things!

The type was for my type class, each letter is a different font. It looks easy? It isn't. Also so much work...did it all by hand then scanned it into Illustrator and traced my hand work to digitize it. Be amazed I say.

The special looking "wittles" are characters I did for Digi Illustration, I made a stuffed animal which I will post at some point. The premise was to create a product character that could be sold on different lunch boxes or toys or something else in need of cute thingies.

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