Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Sketches from the kids book I wrote/illustrated. I hate what I did so I need to redo it, I'll present it once it doesn't suck. :D

It is week 7 (or 8?) at Art Center. ( I think, I could be wrong, I've been very confused lately) Which means midterms just ended...which really means not much since it's just project after project. Well once you get into the higher terms. By higher terms I really just mean once you're out of the fundamental classes and start on your journey to making stuff look cool.

In case anyone reading this is interested in applying or will be attending Art Center in the Fall...good luck! I do encourage any questions anyone might have in regard to the application process/school. In case you couldn't tell, despite the ridic work load I love Art Center. O_O Though perhaps I am masochistic? Nah...

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