Monday, April 11, 2011

Hmmm. I was told by a very cool teacher to keep a log of dreams, because not only does it help you imagine while you wake, but theres all sorts of cool things that you can use from your dreams. Funny enough, even a nap can make you dream something unusual.

I had a dream. Woke up only a few minutes ago, and its beginning to fade away quickly. But theres parts I remember. It was like a cartoon, or rather a childrens book. A boy was sitting on a train, going home. The sky was yellow and casting the light that way inside the car from behind him. The boy's dog was with him, napping in a small patch of the light cast by the setting sun behind him. There was a girl there too. She gets close to him and asks him to read 'the story' to her like he used to when they were much littler, which couldnt have been to long ago since both are still but children. They were freinds, seperated and for some reason reunited again, maybe on this train ride. He is nervous, pulls out his story, and begins reading, rushed, nervous and in one tone. She tells him no, and stops him. She asks him to read it to her, with all the voices and so forth that he used to do. This comes the boy down, I guess, because he begins reading agian, this time with voices for the characters. The train transforms around them, and they become the two main characters. The story gets blurry, but its strange. Definitely from a child's head. It goes on about cutting houses to make them slanted for the people because an architect needs to do it for his daughter, escaping from a high rise building, etc etc. It gets fuzzy to recall, but it comes back to me now. The dog is actually a horse or pegesaus or unicorn or something. A horse like creature thats mythical in natuer. The boy, the girl, and the horse are traveling along the crest of what appears to be a mountain, but covered in tall grass. There are toys, like a stuffed bear thats larger then life, and other htings playing on side of the hill/mountain. The girl thinks to head that way, ahead of the boy, but hte boy turns left, down the shady side, and the horse runs after the girl, grabs her and puts her on his back, and with magic disappears from the view of the toys. Shes brought back to the boy, where she asks why they didnt go with the toys who were playing, but the boy tells her that its a trap. A bad place; a trick of the eye. The toys stop on the other side of the mountain, and as if caught in a video loop, play backwards returning to there original spots, to start playing again just as they did. Replaying when they reach the spot as before. This journey brings them to a burned out building at the far side of a sunny valley. Its like a school, but theres a central fireplace, on the inside of it is a giant white lettering of "53." This is building 53. In the distance, around some ruins, echoes an old voice, like their headmaster, saying "Never give up." The boy tells her that this was it, that theres nothing else here. He pauses as he hears the voice again, and thinks, perhaps there is something supernatural here, when in reality it is just a loudspeaker in the far distance repeating some words of the old headmaster, but the kids dont know that. He turns around, and moves a piece of debris, and under it is a little wooden object. Its like a carved wood name. Bird. He picks it up and shows it to her, where it transforms into a small wooden bird. And the story ends as memories come rushing back to the boy. The boy looks up from his story book in the train car. It now has stopped. The girl is gone, but where she sat was a small wooden bird. Like that of the story. He picks it up and looks around for her, now remember who she is. The last call for the station sounds through the car. he rams his story back in his book bag, gets his dog and runs off the train onto the platform. Its deserted. The train pulls away behing him, with a large hiss. He looks down each end of the platform yet again as the train pulls away. She is standing at the far end near a gate, waiting for him.

I wake up at this point. And for some reason, as I lie there, Im happy and sad a bit. Story was a happy story, but I feel sad cause I almost feel like I know this story, but have forgotten it.

Funny enough, thats what the characters looked like, but not in the style I dreamed. Couldnt reproduce the style I dreamed, so I did it quick sketched in my own style, just to get something down. Woot I guess.

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  1. Ooh, I totes had a dream the other night that I was a man with a toddler running from death! (literally running from a skeleton in a cape). We were only safe after we came across an Inuit village with a river running through it. Death apparently couldn't cross running water. Cool story bro.