Monday, April 11, 2011

Le Test

Huzzah for intro posts! So ignoring the fact I'm rather shit at intros I'll just post a pretty little sketch i did in photoshop! Took me longer to decide not to color it than it did to actually draw. O.o

I am le tired. I will continue to be le tired until after finals! Which would be next Wednesday at 1pm. My sleep deprived ass gets to book it to the copy center at school tomorrow morning to print out 3 comps for digital design. Why, you wonder, did I not print them out today? The answer is that my lazy self only remembered at around 7:30pm, drove to Kinkos only to discover they charge up the arse for one 13x19inch print. As I am a poor starving art student this price was not awesome to me. Onward to Staples!
Where I was informed (after 20 minutes) that they wouldn't be able to print my comps tonight as their printer apparently prints slower than rotting honey. Fascinating story bro.

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