Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh Snapple

It's week 13 at school, which is the week before everyone presents their finals. Which means one can see students passed out all over school from the library, to the couches, to the class rooms. As well as seeing students intently working on their final projects all night. ( I really mean all night, the school is open all night pretty much for finals). As I finished one of my finals early (I'm so proud right now) I thought I'd doodle in photoshop (too lazy to find my sketchbook and then to scan things....*shudder*).

Also, check out Lisa Yuskavage. Her work is really cool, more like character design (that is rated NC-17) though she is fine art I believe. Great color palette too, I was considering her work when looking for color inspiration for one of my finals. Instead I chose the image Apollo and Daphne by Tiepolo. Great usage of color, very smart. He really knows how to make colors stand out by using split complementaries. Anyway, onwards to the doodle! And sleep, as usual I'm LE TIRED.

Not loving the doodle but whatevs. Digital and I are still getting acquainted, we have a luke warm relationship.


  1. your ability to color in PS is better then mine. youre gonna have to show me sometime how you do it. As for yuskavage, shoulda put NSFW tag on it, cause NC-17 doesnt tell me much, and I googled it in class. Lewlz.

  2. Hahah, that is awesome! No one should have said anything though as it's ~art~. =P And sank yew, I think it's cos I've been painting like a mad person in portraiture.