Sunday, June 5, 2011

TIME FOR AN UPDATE! Been a few slow weeks. So time to start. I still am working on redoing Cross (earlier post on the rough), working another private project that Ill post here eventually, the art flash story, which is coming along horribly, the rework of one of my High School pieces, and sketching. Ive been having a hell of a time lately, cause my stuff doesnt seem to be coming together until today. It started working again. So heres teh break down

The Hydra pic above is actually something I did during school, I just never posted it. I gave the hard copy to my good friend, but I scanned a copy here for all you to see what I can do! Not really, I did that with pen, free hand. Thats a hard thing to do :(. But it came out aiite. So Im not complaining :D.

The second one is a bit quicker and from today. Ive been toying around with using shapes again. Kinda. I dont know exactly how I get my stuff to work. Body wise that is. Ive been using a block for the heads now, cause it does make it easier to define the front side and back of the head and so forth, unlike circles, but at the same time it can also be a bit constraining. But the results arent to horrible. As for body set up. I still am up in the air about that. sometimes it works sometimes it dont but over all, its not bad. Im also employing 4 point in these pictures now, something I wasnt doing before. And I must say, I do like what is happening. Its kinda like all of a sudden there is relevance of position. While the 4 point is pretty straight forward in both these poses, the eye level being around the waste, it starts giving us better on what we see. There is more cohesion or something in the pictures. I dunno, but ot me, the drawings feel just a bit more solid, and that is a huge plus. Before I kinda wasnt thinking about it and winging it, but now Im taking some of that in mind.

Neither are perfect, the right one (Meia, who is missing her tail I just realized) being more solid then the left (Wren), but I still like what I see, and after a dry spell of 'erg' drawings. Its a nice change of pace. Im feeling like that cohesion is coming back.

Now I need to read more. Im a bit invigorated by what I see, cause what I read in one my books actually works, or rather, I see the result immediately. And for me, thats rare. Everything seems always so slow when you try it and read it and its always in hindsight that you finally see what the books talk about, but now here is somethign I read only once, and feel and see it much more readily!

Makes me happy. haha. Lets hope it wasnt a fluke : )

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